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This little book invites you into the fascinating story of generations of Breton farmers who crossed the Channel to England to sell their unique pink onions. Very soon, these French adventurers became known as the “Onion Johnnies”, the men who carried tonnes of onions on their handlebars while cycling every single corner of England. We met André, François, Bastien and the others, collected their testimonies and created the fashion collection "Onion Johnnies" illustrating their story.

24 pages
Format: 11x15cm
Available in English or French

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Onion Johnnies

ONION JOHNNIES PAYS TRIBUTE to men such as François, Andre, Bastien who left their Breton homeland to go and seek fortune and adventure on the other side of the Channel. Little did they know that they would become a mythical French figure!Onion Johnnies

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Onion Johnnies

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