Anna Stervinou and Kike Gutierrez, founders of Kore Kamino


Anna Stervinou was born on a flower farm in peaceful Brittany while Kike Gutierrez was already fighting with a bunch of Jesuit teachers who decided he was the right kid to play Judas in the school play.

He then studied Media in the Basque Country between many real and false bomb alerts, while Anna left too peaceful Brittany to go and rub shoulders with the Parisians studying Art at Ecole Estienne.

Finding student life too good to be merely a 3-year experience, she crossed the Channel and entered Camberwell College of Arts to learn how to break the rules she learnt in Paris. By then Kike had also decided to move to London where his first job was doing police lineups with Scotland Yard.

After breaking the Guinness record washing dishes, Kike did a Masters degree in copy writing and art direction in advertising in Watford and became an advertising creative. In the meantime, Anna had ventured further west to make it in cosmopolitan New York and was working at Pentagram Design Agency but she missed English humour so much she decided to go back to the foggy city.

Kike had finally made it and was working in hot agencies in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona for clients like Nike, BMW and Ikea. But he left his Barcelona job in order to quit smoking and went to South East Asia to cycle off the nicotine for six months. Anna also quit her job at Venturethree Design Agency in London and moved to Barcelona to enjoy more sunshine and many parties, while working on Women'secret communication for Base Design Agency.

Kike´s legs were tired and his pocketbook too so he got a new job at Saatchi & Saatchi as a Creative Director in Saigon where after four years he understood why you should never fight with Vietnamese. Meanwhile lovely Anna decided Barcelona was always going to be around and that she needed a more exotic fix and took off to Saigon, where they met.

They set up “Nanou” as a side project and created a Vietnamese fashion collection. Then they moved to Ghana where they created a Ghanaian collection. After Kike got malaria four times they decided to go to Brazil but only after travelling with their 1973 Peugeot 504 from Ghana to France.

Warm, glamorous Brazil had to be the place where they came up with the idea of creating a travelling fashion company based on local stories from different countries. Kore Kamino was born out of a good Samba. Right now they live between Europe and Asia and they continue to discover exciting new local stories and bring them to life through their clothing.

(To the right, Anna’s ancestors’s posing in front of their cafe in downtown Brest; to the left, Kike’s father in a motorbike race in Logroño)