Kore Kamino is a new concept of virtual travelling through fashion

Ethics & values

Just as we are passionate about human stories and the people behind them, we believe in fair working conditions for the workers who create our designs.

We therefore work in collaboration with social enterprises and small family-run businesses in accordance with our values and ethical responsibilities.

One of our main manufacturers is a company member of the NGO Alliance Anti Trafic Vietnam.

Every year in the world, more than 4 million women and children are victims of sexual trafficking, prostitution and exploitation. Since its inception in 1997, A.T.T has assisted thousands of prostitutes and, in concrete terms, has provided aid for more than 3000 young girls: repatriation, accommodation and protection within their 6 centres of reception and rehabilitation, professional training, psychological and medical follow-up care, reintegration into their family environment, and social integration.

AAT began funding its garment-making programme in 2004. The goal was to create employment for reintegrated persons while developing a social and sustainable enterprise where employees and working conditions are of primary importance.

Presently, Fair Fashion supports not only former sexually-exploited women, but also other women in difficult circumstances, and therefore has a place in the scheme of fair, ethical and transparent trade.

Victims, who choose to go in for a career in dressmaking or embroidery, are trained and remunerated by the programme. By working with them we contribute to creating work opportunities to women rescued from sex slavery by the NGO.

Alliance Anti Traffic brings together several NGOs and institutions throughout the world in order to struggle against the causes and effects of worldwide human trafficking.

(source: http://www.allianceantitrafic.org/)

Other collaborations with social projects include working with Mekong Quilts, an income generation project under the umbrella of parent NGO, Mekong Plus.

The programme has 340 women in full-time employment. All profits generated from the sale of the quilts are reinvested into the community through Mekong Plus: scholarships for children, agricultural training and micro-finance programmes, etc. By working with them we not only help provide sustainable employment for women but the profits from the sale of the quilts also benefit the poor communities in which they live.

(source: http://www.mekong-quilts.org/)

To learn about our other projects and collaborations contact us at info@korekamino.com