Book Story "The Girl In Red"

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This little book will immerse you into the story of the unusual friendship that took place in the Kathmandu of 1980s between a Nepalese living goddess and two girls from abroad. We found their story in Kathmandu, met the three - now scattered all over the world - young women, collected their testimonies and created the fashion collection "The Girl In Red" illustrating their story.

28 pages
Format: 11x15cm
Available in English or French

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The girl in red

THIS COLLECTION TELLS THE STORY OF THE UNUSUAL FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN A NEPALESE LIVING GODDESS AND TWO GIRLS FROM ABROAD. Maya and Laxmi moved to Katmandu with their parents in the 1980s and soon became fascinated by Kumari, the living goddess, who happened to be a little Nepalese girl almost their age. Girl in red

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Girl in red

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